The Best Front Door Locks for Your Home

Posted on April 19, 2017 in Home

Your home is where you have your most valuable possession; the people you love and care about. You therefore want to ensure that it is as safe as it possibly can get. One good way to do this is to invest in a good lock system for your home. Let’s take a look at some of the best front door locks for your home.

Medeco Maxum 11*603

This is considered as a high security door lock in the market today. Though it costs relatively higher than a standard door lock (the price ranges between $180 and $200), it is worth every single cent spent on it. It is very difficult to pick (if ever one succeeds in picking it), it can’t be kicked down, and it also cannot be drilled through. You want to invest in this lock immediately.

Kwikset 980

This is yet another one of the modern locks that has proven it’s worth. It is also quite affordable considering that it is also one of the most standard door locks in today’s use. It’s plate is quite strong and can easily pass all the burglary tests. It can’t be easily picked (unless you are one of those geniuses), and you also cannot kick into it. It is worth a try for your home security.

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen

This top notch door lock that is app enabled and doesn’t require a key to operate. Obviously it cannot be picked and neither can it be kicked in. In order to access the door, you need to input a secure code. If the number of trials exceed the required (mostly 3), the alarm turns on to notify that there is an intruder attempting to access your home. Checl with Locksmiths London.


Wherever you are, you always want to ensure safety for your property and possessions. With a strong lock, you can have peace of mind in your own home.

Architecture photography

Posted on February 9, 2017 in Photography

Architecture photography

When I first arrive at the house clients are very surprised to see that I start getting things out of my car. They are shocked to see that I have more than three tripods multiple lights, laptop, Architecture photographycamera, and bag with lenses. Clients usually expect that I come in just with a camera and little flashlight, like most real estate photographers. Benefits of this are that they can move very quickly trough out the house, and they work is completed in few minutes. A disadvantage of this, however, is that they produce very bad pictures. When I photograph interior, or exterior my goal is to make the place look as natural as possible and interesting at the same time, which is a very complicated task.

When I or any other architecture photographer from London, or from any other place for that matter first enter a property he needs to check how well light is some places. In most cases, you notice that some areas of the house are exposed much more to the light than others, but human brain makes it look almost all the same. Unfortunately, cameras aren’t that good yet, so my work is to use the light that I have brought to balance it all out, so shades and light on the final picture is equal.

The other thing that every interior photographer needs to do is to look at the material in the house, and the thing with which lighting that particular material will look the best, this can be very difficult, as you have to make sure that the house looks still natural.

As you can imagine this is very time consuming and that’s why we often take an entire day just to shoot one home, but as you can tell your self, the results are stunning.


Bigger or Smaller Wedding Venue

Posted on January 20, 2017 in wedding

Most people have the idea that the number of guests on the wedding list depends solely on the budget. Although partly true, the budget is not the only factor that determines the size of the wedding. In fact, numerous other factors should be considered before settling on a wedding venue.

  • The Guest List

How many people are you inviting? Do you need only close friends and family? Are you open to an entire group of people including your friend’s friends? The number of people on the guest list plays a huge role in whether the wedding venue will be bigger or smaller. Make sure you have finished compiling your wedding list before settling on a particular venue.

  • The Timeline

How far is the wedding? Are you planning to hire a planner? Are you happy doing all the planning on your own? Big weddings require more time in planning as compared to smaller weddings. There is also a lot more work involved in planning a big wedding. Therefore, a bigger wedding venue will need more time unlike a smaller wedding venue. If you have enough time before the wedding, start working towards your big day.

  • The Atmosphere

    big vedding venue


A big wedding means more energy, which in turn translates to more fun and partying. If you want to maintain an exciting wedding, go for a big wedding venue with a huge dance floor that will keep your guests on toes. However, remember that everyone will want to speak to you at one point or another thus you will not find time to spend with those closest to you. If you value personal time, then a smaller wedding venue is the perfect choice for you.

Finally, you can consider the cost of a bigger or smaller wedding venue. As much as a bigger venue should costs, more than a small venue, the location, time, and type of wedding contributes to the varying cost of the venue. big venue for weddings


What is Airbnb?

Posted on December 28, 2016 in Travel

If you travel a lot and are fed up with the usual hotels and want to try something a little different, Airbnb would be worth checking out.

trip abroad

So what is Airbnb, how do you use it and what can it do for you. In this post we will give you a brief outline of the company and how to use it to the best of your advantage.

The company is from California in the USA was formed in 2008. The website is a base where you do find or list your own property for others to rent from you. You will be able to stay in plces that are not available to you anywhere else and if you are looking for something a little different or unique you will surely find something here. You can do this all through the power of modern technology and use you table on phone on the go to book your accommodation.

From something as simple as a room for a night or two or a whole castle or boat for an extended period, it will all be on the main company website which you can view here.

travel abroad

Airbnb will have something to suit your travel needs. Airbnb have property’s available in virtually any country and City in the world. Currently properties are available in one hundred and ninety one countries and in over thirty thousand cities. If you have spare space available this is certainly a way to gain some extra income rather than have an empty property.

You can get more Airbnb host tips online to see how you can get the best out of this service by either looking for somewhere to stay of listing your own to rent out.



Do You Need a Bamboo Pillow?

Posted on November 30, 2016 in Environment Home

Sleeping is as important as exercise and eating the right things. By doing all three correctly, you give yourself the best possible chance of have a healthy life.


So how do you get the best night’s sleep possible? One thing that you should do if possible, is to invest in the best possible pillows that you can buy.

Bamboo pillows are becoming more popular and they have some great health benefits. They can help with problems such as snoring, breathing difficulties and allergies.

They are made from shredded memory foam and covered with a bamboo outer which is made from a bamboo based viscose. This is a light material that breaths easy. The actual pillow is quite heavy at first and more so that a standard pillow. The material is extremely durable and tough but very comfortable.

As mention they are great if you have a type of allergies. Things like dust mites are repelled naturally and any bad odours are banished also. The are also very eco friendly.

If you purchase one, once you remove it from the packaging, you should leave it to air out as there may be a slight odour to it that will disperse with some fresh air.

You can was your pillow as you would in your washing machine. Once washed, you can leave to dry naturally, do not put on a heater.

Bamboo pillows come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from.

If you want to buy a pair of bamboo pillows you will be able to purchase online or in a department store in the homewear section. You may want to physically look and feel one before you buy so you will be able to tell if it right for you.




Bespoke Fitted Wardrobe Guide

Posted on August 25, 2016 in Home

Wardrobes can be made to your exact specifications that will take into consideration the size and style of your bedroom and make the fit in perfectly creating a style that is unique to you and your home.

There are really no limits when having your new piece of furniture designed and if you have a good designer they will be able to get around any difficulty or awkward spaces. Newly fitted built in wardrobes can save an enormous amount of space for you and give you all the storage that you will need, especially if you have a lot of clothes to hang or fold.

You can add a lot of features to your design, for instance you can have draws, shelves and rails to hang as much as possible.

A built in wardrobe is a much better option than a normal free standing 2, 3 or 4 door as you will be able take advantage of the floor space that will be available after installation. These are not just for adults either, you can have these designed for children’s rooms as well.

Of course there are many other types of wardrobe s as well, you can have sliding door wardrobe, bi folding and pivot door wardrobes. If you have a really big room, a walk in wardrobe is also an option.


Material wise, there are many options with wood, metal, plastic the most popular and you are able to get a variety of different finishes also.

So you will need to do some research and price comparison Try to visit a showroom also so you can see what you may be buying close up.

There is a video below from YouTube that goes into this subject in more detail that you can view and learn more. Alternatively go to the FCI Facebook page for more information.



How to Be Environmentally Friendly

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A Complete Guide to the Arts

Posted on July 7, 2016 in Arts


How to Clear a House Out in No Time!

Posted on July 1, 2016 in Waste Clearance

Clearing a house is no easy thing, it can be time consuming, heavy hard work and frustrating.

It will take a certain amount of planning and organisation to do this by yourself and may just want to pay a company to do this. If so, go to your favourite search engine and type something in like house clearance chelsea or garden waste removal surrey obviously with your own area in the phrase. You will then get a list of companies in front of you to choose from so you will need to go through each to research prices, look at testimonials and choose the best company to suit your needs.

The first thing to do is actually find out the amount you have and what you are going to do with it. You can separate every thing into groups, for instance. What you want to keep, recycle, sell or throw out. You should try to recycle as much waste as you can so try to find out where you can dispose of things like glass, certain plastics and metal. You can check with your local council for the location of waste containers.

Once you have it all separated you will need to judge on the size of a skip or van that you will need to hire to complete the task.

If you are using a van you will also need to find a license waste company to take it off of your hands. You will need to check the prices of this, most companies charge by the ton. Phone the company beforehand to check on what you will be charged.

In conclusion, the more you can recycle for free or sell the less waste you will need to dispose of helping the environment and it will cost less when you go to the rubbish tip.




5 Questions You Should Ask A Waste Disposal Firm

Posted on May 11, 2016 in Waste Clearance

Many waste disposal firms and companies have sprung up in the UK. A big number of them are doing a great job at helping residents manage their waste; but a few are just bogus firms that are incapable of getting the task at hand completed. As a resident of London or any of the major cities looking for the right waste disposal firm, there are a few things that you must always put into consideration.
If you are looking for a rubbish removal in London  These are the 5 questions that you must always ask your waste disposal firms;
1. Value for money; a good waste disposal firm should offer you value for your money! Always ask such a firm to demonstrate to you that their services are effective, and thus worth your trust. What do their services entail? Do they include loft clearance, garden clearance, garage clearance, etc?
2. Turnaround time; how long does the waste disposal firm take to complete a given task? Does the firm offer same day services? Always go for a company that does rubbish removal in London and also is able to get the job done within the shortest time possible.

rubbish removal london
3. Experience; you should also seek to find out how experienced the company is. Has the disposal firm helped dispose of waste within the neighborhood you live in? Or if you live in a flat, is the company well versed with flat clearance services?
4. Licensed; always make sure that the waste disposal firm you pick is licensed by the environmental authority. Being licensed means that the company can safely dispose of toxic waste.
5. Hidden costs; most people in the UK have fallen victim of the fact that most disposal firms tend to include hidden costs when charging you. Find out from the word go whether the firm charges for loading fees, parking fees, and other minute costs that tend to get sneaked in once the job is done.


These 5 questions should always guide you when looking for the right waste disposal firm.

To see more about waste clearance see the Rubbish Removal Tips Facebook page