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Posted on February 9, 2017 in Photography

When I first arrive at the house clients are very surprised to see that I start getting things out of my car. They are shocked to see that I have more than three tripods multiple lights, laptop, Architecture photographycamera, and bag with lenses. Clients usually expect that I come in just with a camera and little flashlight, like most real estate photographers. Benefits of this are that they can move very quickly trough out the house, and they work is completed in few minutes. A disadvantage of this, however, is that they produce very bad pictures. When I photograph interior, or exterior my goal is to make the place look as natural as possible and interesting at the same time, which is a very complicated task.

When I or any other architecture photographer from London, or from any other place for that matter first enter a property he needs to check how well light is some places. In most cases, you notice that some areas of the house are exposed much more to the light than others, but human brain makes it look almost all the same. Unfortunately, cameras aren’t that good yet, so my work is to use the light that I have brought to balance it all out, so shades and light on the final picture is equal.

The other thing that every interior photographer needs to do is to look at the material in the house, and the thing with which lighting that particular material will look the best, this can be very difficult, as you have to make sure that the house looks still natural.

As you can imagine this is very time consuming and that’s why we often take an entire day just to shoot one home, but as you can tell your self, the results are stunning.