Green waste collection services

green-waste-clearanceGreen waste is something that has to be handled professionally and in a manner that it can be used in a useful way. Green waste which consists of garden pruning, fallen leaves, small decaying branches, decaying flowers etc can be recycled in a way useful for the community as a whole. For all the green waste collection please contact us and all details are given there. Our fully trained and dedicated staff will help you get rid of all the green waste.

Our motive for providing Green waste collection services

  • We charge very economically as compared to our compatriots
  • For effective and efficient green waste collection and disposal
  • For cleaning in a way that is healthy and hygienic
  • For providing solution to all your green waste problems

The green waste bin is collected every weekend. The bin we provide for green waste should be used properly. Like the bin should be closed after dumping the green waste. Do not place items such as animal waste, plastic bags, food, construction material, sawdust, ash, syringes and other related stuff.

I hope you are clear with the precautions for using green waste bin so feel free to put an enquiry so that we can discuss with you in detail how we can serve you in the best possible way. You can also see our other services and know more about us in the about us page. Thank you for reading this writing and I hope you will contact us.