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What is Airbnb?

Posted on December 28, 2016 in Travel

If you travel a lot and are fed up with the usual hotels and want to try something a little different, Airbnb would be worth checking out.

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So what is Airbnb, how do you use it and what can it do for you. In this post we will give you a brief outline of the company and how to use it to the best of your advantage.

The company is from California in the USA was formed in 2008. The website is a base where you do find or list your own property for others to rent from you. You will be able to stay in plces that are not available to you anywhere else and if you are looking for something a little different or unique you will surely find something here. You can do this all through the power of modern technology and use you table on phone on the go to book your accommodation.

From something as simple as a room for a night or two or a whole castle or boat for an extended period, it will all be on the main company website which you can view here.

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Airbnb will have something to suit your travel needs. Airbnb have property’s available in virtually any country and City in the world. Currently properties are available in one hundred and ninety one countries and in over thirty thousand cities. If you have spare space available this is certainly a way to gain some extra income rather than have an empty property.

You can get more Airbnb host tips online to see how you can get the best out of this service by either looking for somewhere to stay of listing your own to rent out.